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The Knobby Super Chew Review

One of my all time favorite dog toys, Knobby Super Chews it will go down just about anywhere. The name brings a smile to my face every time I see it, and my dog gets a real kick out of playing with it. Knobby Super Chew is for dogs that love to chew, dogs with big teeth or large mouths. It is made out of all natural rubber, and the treats you get to put in it are also made out of all natural rubber, so they’re completely safe for your dog. The treats have been clinically tested, and they do taste great, not like some of those cheap plastic toys you buy at the store.

When my dog first received Knobby Super Chews he had some problems trying to chew it. Initially he bit it, and then he bit his arm a bit. After a bit of teaching, he started to play with the chew toy, and then he loved it, and even though we used a little liquid soap to help loosen up the mess, he was still getting chewed into little pieces whenever we played with the toy. We tried giving him a squirt bottle to squirt him with water, but this just made the dog go crazy and he would go even harder, so eventually we got him a squirt bottle spray as well.

Eventually, we gave him a toy called Barking Cow, and then later on we switched over to the Knobby Super Chew. This toy is so soft and so realistic looking, that our dog loves to use it every single day. It’s so cuddly and warm, he’s always in bed with it when we’re away. So now he doesn’t get to worry about accidentally chewing up our furniture, or our shoes, because he has a toy to protect himself with.

Our dog likes to chew, and sometimes when he is having a bad day or is frustrated and teething, he might start biting or gnawing on things around the house. Our house became a very painful place to be for him a couple years ago, so we decided to take him to the vet and have him checked out. The vet found out that he had a dental issue that was affecting his teeth. He also had some loose teeth, which was very obvious when he tried to eat something. It is extremely important to keep your dog’s teeth clean by flossing and using a toothbrush, and you should never give your dog anything else to chew on. Dogs are smart, and they will know when they have had enough of whatever they are playing with.

Knobby Super Chew was given to us about a year ago, and we’ve been fortunate that nothing has ever happened to our dog. His molars haven’t even started to come in yet, and he hasn’t had a tooth pulled so far. He’s a super healthy dog, so he doesn’t have any health problems that would prevent him from using the Knobby Super Chew. Our dog uses it on his nails, and even though he has to put it in his mouth to do it, he still gets results. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a dog that chews on everything, and it is definitely worth checking out.

Even if your dog is only able to open a bottle or a can, the Knobby Super Chew could still be a great option for your dog. It isn’t just something you want him to put in his mouth though. You can also get it in his toothbrush, so he has no reason not to be having fun! All in all, I think this is a great option for any dog with a problem mouth.