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Aquadoodle Paw Patrol

It is Chase at the Zoo Rescue with the Paw Patrol Aquadoodle Pen! Now your kid can play hide and seek just like they see and discover Chase in four different hidden areas! Simply add water to your special Aquadoodle pen, and begin to doodle on it. The more water you add, the harder the drawings disappear and leave a clean, smooth surface to be drawn on again.

Aquadoodle is completely safe and scratch free, allowing your kid’s imagination soar to new heights. Your pet will also not get tangled in any of your kid’s clothing or toys and will stay away from any sticky paws that may be thrown or dropped. The soft material is very easy to care for and machine washable, so cleaning up is simple. Your animal is free to play just like he always has, only now he’s smarter and more curious.

Your furry friend will even give you an early start when he sees you put the Pen right on his back. He’ll sniff it and follow you from room to room, eager to explore everything. Once he knows where everything is, he’ll get busy exploring all of it. He’ll love having this extra incentive to stay and explore, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing he is well-taken care of.

If you’re worried about the litter tray, worry no more! The Aquadoodle Paw Patrol works perfectly as a litter tray. Your canine will explore all of the rooms with the Paw Patrol’s invisible paw pads. It’s a non-aggressive, non-competitive toy and will encourage your pet to explore. The best thing about the Aquadoodle Paw Patrol is the comfort it provides. Your pet can lie down and relax while the moving wheels pick up litter and roll it to its proper place.

The Aquadoodle Paw Patrol also comes in an assortment of fun colors. There are blue and green versions, and each version is designed for a different season. During spring and summer, there are fun designs of paws available. You can buy two or more for different dogs, since some like the light pink color. When fall arrives, look for the dark brown and black designs that are perfect for covering your dog’s face and ears.

The Aquadoodle Paw Patrol is not just a toy for your pet dog. You’ll find it useful for other family members as well. Make it a part of the family picture and show off the fun side of your dog. Your friends and family will think you spent a lot of money on something that was really meant to just be fun for them. They’ll enjoy having this in the home as much as you’ll enjoy having it.

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